Company is founded in Piraeus by George Kypriotis having as an aim to construct and trade pluming products. This General Partnership’s function is continued and expanded by his children Konstantinos, Antonios and Dimitrios Kypriotis.

Company’s legal entity is transformed to S.A.

Idea is born and it is decided the separation and creation of a New Company under the name of “S.G. KYPRIOTIS AND Co” aiming to design and decorate the bathroom area with handmade and traditional materials.

Completing one hundred years presence within the area, the third generation transfers New Company’s plants to Glyfada. Having obvious ideas differentiated from the familiar presentation of bathroom items, S. G. KYPRIOTIS AND Co within the big exhibitions of the hundred square meters, based upon knowledge and ideas of new people, designs tastefully and colorfully classic and traditional bathrooms. Disposing a great variety of materials for the bathroom and not only, the company gives solutions to traditional constructions.
It is important that your ideas could easily materialized since the company has the potentiality to design and to construct any bathroom furniture you choose, to draw basins, frames and accessories based upon the designs you would suggest, to slide taps and brackets. Finally a great variety of decorative items and old furniture would cover your decorative demands.